G30 Bulb

The G30 is a 0.4 watt LED bulb that replicates the shine of a traditional 5 watt incandescent christmas light bulb. These bulbs are great for rooflines, gutters, railings,gates, windows, or anywhere you would like to see lit up. They come in all colours, warm white, pure white, cool white, purple, red, blue, green, orange, yellow. In addition to these bulbs being low in energy consumption, they are very small, disguising them during the day when they are turned off.

5mm Twinkle Light strand

The 5 mm strand is a twisty wire with lights spaced 4 inches apart. Each LED gives off a twinkle shine. With commercial grade plugs, these strands are great for decorating trees and bushes. These too come is all colours.

Meteor Snowfall Tubes

These 60 cm tubes add a lot of character to your display. A versatile favourite, they can be used anywhere to mimic the look of water falling off icicles. These are commonly used to decorate canopies and sparsely vegetated trees. Choose between warm white, pure white, and red.

LED Grape vine Balls

Led balls are made from grapevine, ensuring a long lasting and weather dependable product. These are an effective way to light up an area using minimal strands. Each ball is 10 inches. All colours available.

Clips and cords

We are very conscious about not damaging trim , gutters and window frames on the properties we work on. This is why we have a variety of clips. Our magnet clips are great for any metal trims and the plastic clips are gentle on your gutters and shingles. We also have black and white cords depending on your trim colour.